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Authentic Italian family cooking

Our menu offers the best quality ingredients using family recipes prepared with love. Our authentic Italian approach, family cooking focus, and exceptional service is what distinguishes us from franchised establishments. No assembly-line short-cuts – just great tasting Authentic Italian cooking crafted with Real Italian traditions.



Engage Your Culinary Lifestyle

Enjoy exceptionally crafted TOI cooking paired with exclusive Spirits. These unique affairs are full of discovery for food enthusiasts with an appetite and aptitude for the finest dining experiences. Due to demand, we are offering these opportunities in Maryland and Delaware. Whichever you choose - you can't lose! - We are on your side!

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Cater your party today with food made with love that everyone enjoys! We offer a wide range of dishes that are sure to impress your guests and leave them with a memorable dining experience.


Who are we?

A real local
Italian restaurant

Have you ever traveled to a town and just wanted to eat at one of the local places and not a franchise? Were you just searching for the best Italian restaurant in the area and wanted to make sure it was family friendly? Did you maybe have a hankering for some of the best wood oven fired pizza and a glass of wine? Well, if you did a search for those attributes, then you would find us! We are that place. 

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101 2nd St
Lewes, DE


Sunday - Thursday: 10:00AM -9:00PM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM - 10:00PM

Due to our quaint size, the Lewes location does not take reservations.